Happening #77


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Happening Weekend #77    
November 8th - 10th
. 2013
        at Christ Church Fox Chapel
               Bethany Cappelli
                          Rector of Happening #77 
Happening is a weekend encounter with Jesus Christ. That sounds simple, but is it? Think about it. A real meeting with Jesus Christ. The power, beauty and joy of being with Him. Interested? Join Us!

Can Christianity have a place in your life? Can it help to transform the world around us? We think so.

The Happening program proposes no new type of Christianity but provides a vehicle through which one's faith may be developed, lived, and shared in fellowship with Christians who dedicate their lives to God daily.

The Happening "Experience" is a powerful instrument of Christian renewal. It's aim is to concentrate closely on the person and message of Jesus Christ. the Happening program teaches that life has meaning and purpose which may be found through a life committed to Jesus Christ, and encourages those who attend a retreat weekend to desire to dig deeper into their own faith. What's more, it provides a means to continue the Christian's development, inviting participants back to serve on the staff of subsequent Happening Weekends.

Happening is a unique experience. During the three days of the program , the teachings of Christ are discussed in an environment of joy with many informal sessions and lots of singing. One common result of Happening is that church services, youth group meetings and other retreats become more meaningful in a young person's life. - Read this article on
where did the christian religion began.

The Happening Weekend was developed to teach basic Christianity truths in ways that are relevant to teenagers. The teenagers, clergy, and adults who make up the staff, spend weeks working and praying together in preparation for each weekend. Happening takes careful planning because the time we have together is short and the subject extensive. During the three days of the retreat, the participants listen to talks given by teenagers and adults. The titles of the talks indicate their content: Reality, Faith, Grace, Family, Sacraments, Piety, Jesus Christ and Witness. Besides listening to talks, the participants are involved in large and small group activities.

Download an application to attend Happening #77 here.
Happening Reunion!
All of us Happeners are getting together  
Saturday, December 7th, 7:00pm - 8:30pm, 
t St. Alban's Anglican Church.          
 It's Free!
Continue your friendships and have fun!
The address is 4920 Cline Hollow Road, Murrysville, PA  15668, if you want to get directions from map quest.  You can call Tom Hillman for more information at 412-600-2555.
Most of us go out for food afterwards at the Max & Erma's Resturant in Monroeville, until about 10:00ish.  So bring some money if you want to go out to eat.  It is about 10 to 15 minutes away from the church.  The address to map quest the resturant is 2740 Mosside Blvd., Monroeville Pa  15146.
Cindy Thomas,
Aug 15, 2013, 4:43 PM